Growth winks its eye at me;-)

This is my first post and my first blog.  I am so excited!  This site is about me, my growth and my art as I walk my spiritual path.  Today, I begin.

I signed up for an art class over the weekend as I prepared for my daughter to leave for her first day at university.  I was searching for something and finally found it.

I had been crying for weeks at the thought of my oldest child living away from home for the first time, each day approaching my anxiety increased.  Is this what it means when people say “the tug of the chord”?  lol  I’ll bet it is!  My husband reminded me that as our daughter moved on and took the first steps in her own growth process, so too would I go through another phase of growth in my own life.

I found a short class that I could afford, only to find that I would need additional funds to buy supplies.  **sigh**  Of course, if you want something bad enough and it has value to you,you will find a way to get that “thing”.  Well I paid for the class, which was very affordable.  As I browsed the site looking for what I needed via the different links, my eyes came upon an image by another artist.  She was so beautiful.  I “followed’ the bread crumbs and landed on a site called “Motley Soul” .  I just had to join and when I did saw exactly the class I wanted, the one I would have signed up for if i had seen it first.  *sigh again*

I signed up for one of the “free” sub groups and the first thing I saw was an art journal challenge for the week and the challenge was to use the word “Growth”.  I thought…yes!  I belong here, the energy of this site was lovely.  I have not done the challenge, but when i do, I will post it here.

I know there are no synchronicities nor coincidences in life and knew that I could enjoy this place.  Yes, I know when i get a wink.

I looked at the class that I “would have joined” if i had seen it first (Face2Face) and wondered about the supplies and the cost.  Even if a class is affordable, supplies can really cost!  I decided to write and ask…….well, needless to say, the supplies were minimal.  (how i wished I had seen it first!)

Did I say I received another wink within the next 24 hours from Growth?  A wink, that day AFTER we had dropped my baby off to university…that day I woke up so sad when it finally occurred to me in my still sleepy state that my child was gone?  By the end of the day…I was enrolled in the FACE 2 FACE DRAWING WORKSHOP!  I cried that day, for another reason….joy:-)  I set an intention to do some things for me…things that give me joy and make my eyes sparkle.  It is time for me to stop playing small and follow my dreams and move to the next level.  Art will take me there.  Art for me is meditative, calming and allows me to move past the worries of the day to allow in new ideas and inspiration in all parts of my life.

Mika, thank you for being a catalyst and reminding me that growth doesn’t have to be painful, there can be “sparkly” gems here and there.  Abundance is all around us…we can receive if we move out of our own way and ALLOW to receive.

My message for the day is one of my favorite quotes from the bible is in Matthew 7:7, “….Seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto  you.”

Read more about Mika’s group Motely Soul Mixed Media Art:

Face2Face Drawing Workshop


2 thoughts on “Growth winks its eye at me;-)

  1. By the way I meant to tell you, the geography may have changed, she maybe living outside the house but your relationship is only growing and transforming as she does. Her needs are changing and she is about to realize that as she doesn’t need you in the same ways as that little girl, she needs you more than ever during one of the greatest transitions in her life. Your heart will begin to heal as you realize that you are not losing any of her, not even that little girl that no young adult wants to admit still exists. A new trust between you will be realized when she realizes things about your love and relationship that this new life as an adult will make so clear. Your friendship will become stronger than ever, in the beginning of any distance or chance in a relationship so close the uncertainty of how things will be, of what will change, if that person will be ok, not knowing exactly how this will change you, or even how long will it feel crummy,,, those are the things that make changes scary, but I truly believe that the bond that is so obvious just reading your words is proof that soon you will adjust and see something even more beautiful between you and your daughter that can only be evident now. It is my worst fear for Jayda to go anywhere (my 13 year old daughter) she is home schooled, her second year. As a navy wife, it has been her and me alone so often. I love her beyond reason, she is my daughter, my buddy, my laughter, she makes the worst days good. I tell her all the time she is the reason her 3 year old brother is here, being her mom has been the best thing that ever happened to me, I would do it again in a heart beat. So I know meeting you was no coincidence, when I read your words I get choked up.

    • Mika, you surely do speak the truth. It has already begun! I had a wonderful conversation with my daughter today and she was telling me that she now understood some of the things that I had “tried” to told her before (she really didnt want to hear it back then!). *sigh* Mom told me there would be days like
      Thanks for reading my first posts! This is truly an achievement for me..
      Wishing you all things good and true!(((hugs)))

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