Great candle class on DailyOm “Burn Away Your Karma” by Gabrielle Alizay

I love to burn candles as a spiritual practice.  A few weeks ago I came across a class by a woman whom I had read about before.  She is the author of several books and this is the link to her course.  DailyOm is a website that I love and I have taken a few online courses by various authors.  I burn candles for my own personal growth and to be able to take time for myself to contemplate, pray and have focus.

Description from Gabrielle’s page:  “This class is fun and multi-media—video, audio, and text arrive in your email inbox weekly for 7 lessons. Empower and authentically heal your heart now!  Watch the world and the universe follow.  Available to the people sliding scale.”

Maybe you would like to view the courses as well.==>Gabrielle Alizay’s On-line Multimedia Course: Burn Away Your Karma | HomePeace.


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