Reiki history is an interesting theory of spiritual world. Reiki, which is one of the spiritual practices concerned on developing spirituality, was founded by Dr. Mikao Usui. The Reiki system of natural healing is a Japanese technique used for reducing stress and gives relaxation to the body. “Rei” gives the meaning for God’s wisdom, and “ki” about life force energy. If there is not much stress or the guiding life force is very low then the body pains and soon results into sickness. Reiki is a simple and natural method for improving oneself that anybody can use. Reiki treats the whole body right from our feelings, emotions, tension and helps in developing ones confidence and also in attaining concentration.

Dr. Mikao Usui recommended that certain people in this world practice yoga, meditation and other techniques in order to feel relaxed but Reiki is one of those practices that is simple and has ethical ideals engaged in promoting peace and harmony which all of us need. During the practice of Reiki he decided to add certain ideals which came from the five principles of Meiji, the Emperor of Japan. He did so because he wanted the people to realize that spiritual healing is more necessary and then experimenting this practice, helps us to live our life graciously.

In the Reiki treatment the patient is supposed to lie down or sit based on the treatment as the patient should feel very comfortable. While in yoga, the recipient has to sit in a position by stressing his legs which might be painful in their joints. There is no need of any equipment or ointment in Reiki to treat any particular disorder. A reiki practitioner places his hands in a sequence of positions on the patient’s body and then slowly covers all the important places. The practice takes about an hour’s time in total.

The Reiki treatment helps in recovering the acute injuries and covers the various terminal illnesses. Since a disease spreads in the whole body, the Reiki treatment can be practiced to support and bring back the energy balance in one’s life.

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