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Finding balance

The past few weeks have been hectic, both at home and at work.  I have been working overtime, including today just to keep up with both of my worlds!  I still miss my daughter, still assisting a friend with her books on Autism that are about to be published..very soon, still trying to get our side business going, taking art classes, working, being a mother and a wife…… phew  ***what a mouthful***  Only after seeing it in writing do i now realize just how much I have on my plate.

This week, I will find balance….oh how I need those soy candles!  The Blue Moon is August 31st and will be a good time to set some new and powerful intentions.

I am enjoying the process of my Face2Face drawing workshop I just need to find specifice times each day for practice. 

Tomorrow is Monday…another day, another $$. 

One day at a time, sweet Jesus….thats all I am asking of you.  Lord for my sake, help me to take, one day at a time. ❤