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Jesus about the secret of manifesting money! (reblogged) Navigatorinblog

Great post from Navigatorinblog.

I am Your brother Jesus and today, I am bringing You information about the material life and the material world.

Yesterday, I was confusing my beloved sister here, for I told her, she could ask for any amount of money and it would be here instantly and she trusted and followed and it didn’t work. This post was not published, because she did not trust my words anymore and wanted to wait with the publishing, until the proof had reached her.

This is probably the case with many of You, too.

You learned and heard about manifesting and You probably even heard from Your guidance, that the money You asked for is here now, perhaps You even heard this many times and yet, nothing happened or at least, nothing You could see with Your human eyes. It can be very frustrating und You might start to doubt everything: Your ability to manifest, Your guidance and even Your ability to hear Your guidance, You might think, it is all nonsense and You might have been mistaken and dreaming and all that You knew deep down in Your soul, has been only a fantasy.

Let me tell You, what is really happening:
The energies of the truth have been changing and moving forward from Your manifesting energy and they are merging now with the field.
Your reality is changing!
Actually You thinking it is not working is the proof for that!
Now, You will think, this is totally crazy, but think again.
The moment, You wanted to manifest a certain amount of money, for instance, You didn’t have it, right?
Then You sent Your vibrations towards this amount coming into Your life Your fieldm Your banc account, however You wanted it to happen. Right?
But is was still not there, right?
So in order to think, it is not working, You have to have had at least a MOMENT, when You believed it WAS working, actually otherwise You could not go BACK to noticing, it had not worked.
So the starting and driving force WAS there and the energy started moving – not matter for how long, until You realized, it was not working.
The beginning is not the problem, then.
You can keep doing whatever You learned or practised or did before intuitively.

Now we must get You to not STOP the energy moving with disbelief, doubt, frustration, impatience or even anger.

What You can do is to leave it alone for a while.
In most teachings, they tell You, You must let it go.
This is too hard for most people and they can’t manage to never focus on it again or never give it any energy anymore, because it is their heart’s desire and they really want this to come into their lives.
What I mean with leaving it alone is not that You may not ever think of it or be wondering, when it will manifest or wish it would be here already, these are things that You will do anyway, it is part of Your human nature.
Try not to give it energy when You do all these, though.
Or if You cannot leave it so much alone as not to give any energy, give it at least not the energy of stopping with doubts, fear, anger etc, but give it the energy of love, love that You asked for it, love that You will feel good and happy once it has arrived and love that You practise and also love that You can also focus on other things, send it love and then, stay with the energy of love and see where it takes You next.
It will even be easier to not give this one thing too much energy, if You ask coming from the energy of love, what Your heart would love to be manifested into Your life NEXT and then You focus on the new desire.
You keep Your mind busy and Your energy always flowing in the direction of what You want to come, there is no energy left to search for the things that didn’t come.
These are some very good and practical tricks for those of You – and almost all of You are meant here – that cannot quiet their mind permanently or especially not if it comes to something they really wish for and dream about.

Keep the energy flowing and moving FORWARD and if the amount You asked for hasn’t arrived yet, ask for a new one, some more…You can always stop when You think You have enough and even if You have more than enough, imagine what good You could do with all this money You don’t need for Yourself…

I am Your brother Jesus and I know, this will bring You the money You deserve and You wish for.

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