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You are………………..

more powerfulj

Stop playing small!  (Yes that is for me but it is also for those of you, you know who you are, who are going through the same thing),

Today, as I continue to follow a “plan” for myself to begin writing again and completing the 40 Days program, I realize that I truly am more powerful than I think I am.  In the past week I have had some wonderful realizations and received some validation regarding my past thinking.

I read the quote above and realized that I too, sometimes we play small or hide in the shadows out of fear of how I will be seen or what others think of me or my beliefs.  All week i have been saying “F*** it” and moving forward with whatever it is that I need to do for myself.  As a mother and a wife, I have a tendency to give, give and give.  Just a few moments of self-love works wonders!

Discovery of self is powerful but we will not come to these realizations running around in circles and being tied to technology.  When we take th time to go within and give ourselves SELF LOVE first (meditation, writing in a journal about our feelings, creative endeavors, nice bubble baths with nice music.. etc) the monkey mind will keep us very, very busy.

Fear steals so much from us but we cannot see this while in that state.  Step out of the shadows and tell fear to just plain, GO TO HELL!  Move beyond fear and JUST DO IT ANYWAY!

I am welcoming my creativity back and have a few things cookin’ on the creative stove!  I AM THAT I AM!