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Salem Black River Presbyterian Church – Mayesville South Carolina SC

This church may be a part of my own family slave history.  Please click on the link to read the story and see the photographs.

Source: Salem Black River Presbyterian Church – Mayesville South Carolina SC


Repost from Blogger~ Classic with a Pop: An Unexpected Encounter

While researching my family name origin today, I came across this lovely post on Blogger.

Thank you to Casey Ferri @  http://classicwithapop.blogspot.com for this post about a beautiful old church in Sumter, SC area The Brick Church Salem Black River Church.  Judge McFadden may not be a relative but some of my ancestors may have been “attendees” at this church as slaves of some of the members.  This area is where my ancestor came to when he left the Charleston area as a child following the Confederate army.  There are lots of missing pieces for my family and we gather them as we can.

Thanks again Casey for this lovely article.  You can read the article here:  Classic with a Pop: An Unexpected Encounter

*My family name is: MCFADDEN

Please Pray for South Carolina Flood Victims

This is my first post in almost 3 years.  My first post is after being on vacation from work and immediately experiencing torrential rain.  I am a resident of South Carolina and this was the first time I experienced flooding.  I live near the Lynches River in Florence County and it has been heartbreaking to see my neighbors go through such devastation.  My brother lives in Columbia, SC where there was even more devastation.  Please keep South Carolina in your thoughts and prayers.

**I will be writing more in the coming days and weeks to try to catch up on my promise to myself from 3 years ago….Growth Comes.

Historic Flooding in South Carolina